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Make Windows 7 Genuine using Window Loader Software

         We all know that everyone can't buy genuine windows 7, because cost is too high. Lots of Windows 7 users have experienced the error message that "Windows 7 is not genuine".  This error message comes if you use pirated or OEM versions of Windows 7. If a window 7 is not genuine, even you can't change the background wallpaper or any other display related option on your PC.
Some very important steps are given below, which leads you to make your Windows & as Genuine.

Step 01: Click on start log on your Windows 7 status bar. and in RUN command box, type "cmd"and appearing cmd icon, you are directed to right click on cmd icon and select "Run as administrator".

Step 02:  Command Prompt will open, Now you are directed to type "slmgr  -rearm" and press enter key. 
see in the figure below.

Step 03: If following output will appear, it means that your computer is rearmed.

Step 04: Now You must install "Windows Loader v2.1.7" and restart your computer.

Congratulation .... you have completed "Make Windows 7 Genuine using Window Loader Software".


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